A word from the owner:
Protecting your family, home or business can be one of the most important decisions you will make. We live in uncertain times and a sometimes surprisingly unsafe world. It takes only a few minutes of the evening news to understand that home invasions happen in every town and in every neighborhood. Businesses are burglarized every day. Fortunately, we also live in a time where basic security and technology are very affordable.
For very little up front investment and a small monthly fee, every home or business can posses the type of security that was only available and affordable to the wealthy just a few decades ago. Basic systems today are faster, better, and more reliable then ever. I have installed and serviced hundreds of security systems in my career. Every time that I install a system, I sincerely hope that it will never be needed. I would be happy to be the guy that installed a door and window chime in your home with a nice keypad.
Unfortunately, I have also had my share of customers that did need their system and more customers than I can count that called me the day after they needed their system. Whichever category you may fall in, I appreciate you taking a look at Security Innovations. We will give you an honest assessment of your current security situation and discuss all of your available options. Peace of mind and a safer home or business should be within everyone’s reach.
- James Reeves    

Security Innovations is not a dealer! When you do business with Security Innovations, that is who you will continue to do business with. SI will install, set-up, and service your system as long as you are being monitored. We do not sell our agreements to anyone. Security Innovations is partnered with COPS Monitoring company to provide you with the best product available. Check out more about C.O.P.S. Monitoring on the Existing Customers page. You may also visit their website at www.copsmonitoring.com.
Security Innovations offers:      
  • Home and business security systems
  • Structured cabling and pre-wire services
  • CCTV/Video Surveillance
  • Home audio and video installation and service
  • Audio and Video intercom systems

  • Licensed Alarm Systems Company for the state of Texas – B11948


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